Azule Mineral Springs

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Tina was having trouble posting this and asked me to help. The subject came up via the thread "Connections with Satatoga Springs NY", but I think it's interesting enough to post with it's own heading:

My name is Tina Hamilton from Grants Pass, OR. My grandparents lived at the old Azule Springs Lodge on Mt. Eden Rd. when I was a child. They lived there from about 1952 to 1962 maybe. I would have to check the dates. I have the old deed to the property.

Their names were Thorvald Jensen Therp and Anna Katrina Harbo Jensen Therp. They were originally from Denmark. The main house was built straddling the narrow canyon and the creek ran underneath the house. It consisted of a large main room with a vaulted ceiling in beautful knotty pine and old hardwood floors. There was a lower-roofed section in the main hall that ran along the left side of the room if you were facign the house. It had a big natural rock fireplace on that side. There were two huge triple-tiered black cast-iron chandeliers hanging from the vault. There was a screened-in porch across the entire front of the house that looked down over the creek. (A great place to lay around and read!). A bar ran across the wall separating the main hall from the kitchen. We loved to play "Saloon" at the bar when we were kids! The kitchen was at the back---fairly large but kind of funky if I recall. Just outside the kitchen door at the back of the house was an old fountain where the mineral water would come up. We loved to play the "Would you like a drink?" trick on newcomers....they would taste it and be shocked at the unpleasant sulphur taste and we would giggle! There was a three-tiered terraced garden at the back of the house along the left side of the creek. At the top tier there were 2 or 3 iron vaults built into the side of the canyon wall. I'm still not sure what they were for...maybe for a sweat? To me they looked like tombs and they latched down with iron handles from the outside and I used to think how awful it would be to be trapped inside of them. I didn't like them and avoided them. On the first tier closest to the house was a huge rock BBQ pit.

Down the path in front of the lodge following the creek there were 4 apartments on the canyon wall with a long set of stairs. They had Murphy Beds in them which my sister and I were entranced with....Below them in the clearing was an open shed where Grandpa parked equipment and tools and the extra car. There was a bridge across the creek at this entrance which washed out in the big flood of 1957 leaving us trapped at the lodge with the creek washing out.

I have not found much information on the history of the lodge. I think that the buildings I remember were built in the early 20's, or maybe somewhat earlier. There were 160 acres that my grandfather owned I believe. Most of it stretched out behind the lodge up the canyon and along the ridge. But there was pasture frontage along Mt. Eden Rd. There are mulit-million dollar mansions there now, where my grandma's horses Betsy and Champ once roamed.

So, yes, there were naturally-occurring mineral springs there for many years. The last time I drove by the old entrance to their driveway it was chained off, and it looked like the property was condemmed. The creek appeared dried up. All just memories now...

Kathrine (Tina) S. Hamilton (Page)
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