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#1:  Author: dralter PostPosted: Wed Jun 20, 2012 11:11 pm
On my walks on Norton Rd and Sigal Dr, I noticed that there are several fallen down statues, overgrown stone stairs, and overgrown garden walls. There is also the two pillars at the entrance to the drive way with metal S's. I was really curious about this, so after reading the Saratoga News, I came across the article about Joseph Sigall. Mystery solved, these are the remains of the Joseph Sigall Estate. So, it appears that some of his garden sculptures remain there today.

Upon further research I came across several articles site the name of the his pet lioness as Chiquita ("Joseph Sigall Returns Here", San Jose News, July 6, 1934 & "How Artists Play", Reading Eagle, December 12, 1934). The Saratoga News article list the lions name as Pasha.

Also, any chance of having the remaining statues from Joseph Sigall's garden donated to the Saratoga Historical Foundation?

SHF Bulletin Board -> Ask a Historian about Saratoga!

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